"We are building a tribe of confident women – join us in lifting each other up!"

I'm a preschool dropout, peacekeeper and in love with everything that has a heartbeat. Conformity makes me uncomfortable. Habitual questioner. Magnet to genuine people who embrace their weird. Obsessed with making people feel beautiful and flying a middle finger to anyone who thinks differently. Actively convincing society that dogs are children too. Convicted stereo speaker blower. Boundary pusher. Truth seeker. Mind-expansion addict. I get obnoxiously anxious before taking a leap of faith, but learned to run towards this to experience life on an exponential level, even though it scares the shit out of me. Recovering sugar consumer and vintage chair hoarder. I unconsciously lose my auditory so I can see more while photographing. I love plants but can't keep them alive and rely on my man to rehabilitate. I smile an obscene amount when I'm awkward. I get a really fun hit of serotonin when talking about mind matrices and pondering world's unanswered questions. Believer in love trumping war and most at peace with a camera tethered to my hand and heart.


Lindsey Hahn Photography was established during Lindsey’s education at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. Since her company’s inception, she has had the opportunity to apprentice world-renowned celebrity photographer David LaChapelle in LA and her creative imagery has graced the covers and have been featured in Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, California Wedding Day, Style Unveiled, Rustic Chic and more.

The beauty and charm of California’s Central Coast and the people in it have captivated Lindsey’s affection and remains home to her growing boudoir boutique studio.