“I think a lot of women let their body-image insecurities dominate in situations like this. Letting go of that in such a private setting can be exhilarating, especially doing so with confidence in the photographer. Lindsey knows how to use this opportunity to play up all the beautiful things about you so that you can forget any ‘flaws’ you might otherwise feel you have. She was incredible at guiding me through every pose and has a very calming and uplifting presence. I believe everyone should do something like this sometime – even if no one but yourself ever sees the photos. The experience is liberating and the end results can show you all the beauty you might not know you have.” - Brooke


"This has been one of my best kept secrets...Lindsey Hahn is an unbelievably talented photographer. She not only knows the beauty of the female body but her work empowers women of all ages. As soon as I got engaged I called her to make she I was able to get an appointment. When the two of us collaborated our creative energy spread like wildfire and we captured timeless magic. I would recommend all women to take the opportunity to shoot with her. You will not regret it." - Jullie Hammer


“My fiance was at a loss for words. I think I heard a ‘WOW!’, ‘Are you serious!?!’, ‘These are amazing…you look amazing!’ It was pretty fun to sit back and watch him as he turned each page. The smile on his face was like one I have never seen before. I will be back to do it again someday!” - Nicole


"I look amazing…but best of all, I FEEL AMAZING." - Stephanie

"Lindsey made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. As a working mom, I don’t usually view myself as sexy, but I felt like a supermodel! I would recommend this experience to ANYONE who wants to get back in touch with her feminine side. My intent was to take these pictures for my husband, but it turned into an incredible experience for me and really gave my confidence a huge boost." - Natalie